Thursday, April 22, 2010

Zambales sidetrip

April 17-18, 2010
Zambales, Philippines

Its freaking hot and it seems that the temperature will rise up again anytime soon, indicating that summer season is already here! ^_^ . Its time to hit the beach! Yipee! My friends and i were planning to go to Zambales this year but it seems our schedule doesn't met at all. Good thing it finally happened when Richard asked me to shoot for their prenup in their upcoming May wedding. We decided that it will be nice to have a photo shoot in an old lighthouse, white beach and pine trees.

Off we go, the trip takes about 4 hours from Manila passing through the city of Olongapo heading further north to San Antonio then following the directions to Barangay Pundaquit. Whooah! Its a definitely long ride and getting there is quite an ass-aching and sweat gland bursting because of the scorching heat of summer.

At last, we arrived around 12 noon. And as soon my feet fell to the white sands, my eyes started to roam and cant stop saying wow! Zambales is definitely a breathtaking place and no one can stop me from taking photos even the heat. Zambales are known for their white beaches, speckled with colorful crushed coral, clear turquoise waters, and high rock cliffs beckon rappellers. Zambales is indeed my summer getaway. Hope you'll enjoy my photos as i enjoy shooting them. ^_^.


•Camara island
•Nagsasa cove
•Capones island
•Anawangin cove
•Public Market
•walk along the river
•explore the homes on the cliffs
•trek up the mountains
•old spanish lighthouse
•island hopping
•white sands

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