Hello there, I'm AG, a graphic designer,a photo hobbyist and a cat lover who loves to watch movies, listening to music, traveling and drool over with coffee and chocolate cakes.
I usually spend my weekends and holidays on traveling or sitting in a cafe doodling or just watching the world goes by.
I've been hooked up on traveling since the day my heart broke into pieces. Though traveling has positively changed a bit good on me over the route of my life. I took it as the best change, things and experiences that happened to me and mostly while i'm traveling with my flip-flops for hours upon hours in highways, byways, and narrow, rutted two-lane road, stopping at many roadside stores along the way to shoot photos, eat or buy souvenirs of which I could never get enough of. And each mile I had traveled brought me that much closer to nature, healed my heart and appreciate more of how beautiful the world is.  
So come, join and sing with me...
“Smell the flowers while roses bloom, take the time my friend and sing a happy tune. Oh how precious every mile, so take a minute, learn to smile. My friend lets stop for awhile and smell the flowers…smell the flowers.“ 


Hope you like my photos. Have a happy trip.

PS. i love postcards and if you want to swap postcards with me just message me =)

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  1. I saw your profile on interpals and came to visit your blog. I am seriously impressed :-) I'm Vincent, if you'd like to write to someone in Ireland and exchange some mail, I'd be delighted to correspond with you. My email is the_dubliner@hotmail.com


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