Friday, January 17, 2014

Inside Marikina's Shoe Museum

It's been quite awhile that I never been able to visit a local museum nearby or attend an art exhibit nowadays. I have been tied up with works and I need to feed my eyes with new colors and perspective just to keep on going.

Why museums? I know you will ask me what drives me to visit museums? Well, I love arts and they inspire me. They gave me new hope and to dream big. They always gave me a new things to learn and explore to broaden my professional knowledge ^_^ .

So come and join me.

Be inspired.

Marikina Shoe Museum

Entrance Fee: 50 php / person
History & Website:Marikina Shoe Museum

Shoe Museum was formerly a rice mill/bigasang bayan and estimated to be close to 300 years old

A collection of  the former First lady  Imelda marcos shoes.

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