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Exploring and teeming with wildlife in Biak na Bato National park

April 18, 2009
Biak na bato National park, San Miguel, Bulacan

It's a gloomy day then, but i need to woke up early because my friends and i got an early trip to Biak na Bato National Park in Bulacan. We need to get early just to catch the sunrays but the thing is we didn't. =( sad to say. The rain hasn't stop and our 2 hours drive became a 3 hours drive of boredom.

As we drove to the never ending road of san miguel the rain finally stop atlast and a glimpse of the sun soon emerge. Its already 8am when we arrived in Biak na Bato, and as soon as my feet step off to the ground my eyes started to roamed the place. I was fascinated. We went there without any idea of what's in store for us. Being a BulakeƱo, I thought I have already seen the best of what the province has to offer. I was totally wrong. The sight was totally beautiful and the feeling was even more spectacular.

The caves of Biak na Bato are no ordinary caves. The caves are beautifully lined with gigantic stalactites and awesome rock formations. Some are even teeming with wildlife. And, there are so many caves to explore! Aside from the dozen or so famous caves, the guides estimate that there are nearly a hundred caves in Biak na Bato.

At the rear part of the cave is another opening where sunlight passes through. Though the boulders are little bit slippery because of the rain. It didn't stop us to explore and take photos.

The trek back to the gate of the park allowed me to enjoy the sight of old trees and birds. I went home richer in experience. My sense of history and appreciation of nature have never been stronger. A tiring day but enjoyed the breath-taking place. Definitely coming back ^_^.

BULACAN LETRATISTA photo courtesy by troj melencio

BULACAN LETRATISTA photo courtesy by troj melencio

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