Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rock Climbing in Changtai county, China

Changtai County, Fujian Province, China

Its been 3 months since my friends and i went to spend our weekend outside our condo so we decided to have an adventure trip ^_^. We packed our bags and foods as early as 5 am so we could be in Changtai county. Changtai county is considered the backyard of Xiamen, It is a county famous for its tourist industry.

We arrived around 6 am in Changtai and book ourselves in Mayang Brook Tourist Resort. Mayang Brook is one of its major tourist spots, well-known for its Kayaking. Though it is located at the foot of Tianzhu Mountain, the whole adventurous kayaking in Mayang River takes about 3 hours. We are so excited that we forgot to take photos hehehe, sorry about that. ^_^

Another excitement in Changtai is Longfeng rock climbing, which needs physical strength and endurance.

Longfeng Valley, 7.6km long and 450 metres high, is at the north slope of Tianzhu Mountain. The landform of the valley varies from the foot to the top. The higher you go, the steeper the landform will be and the steepest section for the rock climbing is 90°angle. Wheew!

Also in Longfeng Valley, there are plenty of precious trees and fruit trees such as banana, waxberry, and longan. Other scenic spots in Changtai are Shihu Mountain and Jiupugou. Both of them involve the most natural landscape such as ancient pine trees, rocks of interesting shapes, and the rilling mountain stream which creates a beautiful summer resort.

Its been a tiring day but we enjoy it. We conquer our fears and treasure all the laughters we've shared. It is very difficult to go on the top of that big rock but we all managed and say I did it once in my life: i took the courage to climb on the top ^_^.

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