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ITINERARIES-EXPENSES: Sidetrip in Kuala Lumpur to Myanmar

January 30 - February 3, 2014




Orange Pekoe Guesthouse
No. 1-1, Jalan Angsoka, Off Jalan Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur, 50200
Telephone: +603 2110 2000
Facsimile: +603 2143 2141

Airport Arrival
KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport). Take the KLIA Express Train (RM 35 one-way) which takes you to “KL Sentral” in 28 minutes. From KL Sentral you can either take the Monorail (get off at Raja Chulan station) or a taxi. Ask for the “budget taxi” counter where you will pay a fixed amount for the transport from KL Sentral to the Nest. Alternatively, you can take a taxi directly from KLIA to The Nest.

LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal). Take a shuttle bus to “KL Sentral” and from there either the Monorail or a taxi (see above). Alternatively, you can take a taxi directly from LCCT to The Nest.

Arrival by car or taxi
Ask your driver to take you to No. 1, Jalan Angsoka which is off Jalan Nagasari (behind Istana Hotel).

Taxi directions:
Coming from Jalan Raja Chulan, turn into Jalan Nagasari (next to Istana Hotel).

Drive down Jalan Nagasari. After Parkroyal Serviced Suites, look for Nagasari Curry House on the left.

Right after Nagasari Curry House turn into Jalan Angsoka.

The Nest Guesthouse is after 50 meters on the left (look for the blue signboard).

If you want to park your car, we recommend to use the garage of Bidara Serviced Apartments which is located just behind the Nest.

Arrival by public transport
Use the Monorail and get off at Raja Chulan station. Cross Raja Chulan Road and walk down Jalan Nagasari. After some 100 meters you reach Jalan Angsoka which is the 3rd side-road to the left. Turn into Jalan Angsoka – The Nest is the last building to the left.



Day 1 January 30, Thursday

12:00 AM To airport
4:25 PM Departure
8:05 KL arrival
8:30 Dinner
9:15 Scheduled Bus to KL Sentral
10:00 Hotel Check-in at Orange Pekoe Guesthouse
10:30 See the Petronas Tower at night
12:00 Sleep

Day 2 January 31, Friday 
Day 3 February 1, Saturday

Day 4 February 2, Sunday

4:00 wake up
5:30 AM To Airport
8:30 Departure
12:45 Arrival-KL
1:00 PM Hotel Check-in at Orange Pekoe Guesthouse
3:00 PM Walking/City TourPetronas SURIA Central market Batu Caves
8:00 PM Hotel Check-out

Day 5 February 3, Monday

1:20 Departure
4:55 Arrival - Manila


NOTE: For 2 persons

AIRFARE to KL                                                                                                      5,840 php
to Manila                                                                                                              9,855.78 php

ACCOMODATION 2 NIGHTS                              200 MYR            2,559.09 php

Budget taxi to guesthouse                                         10.00 MYR           127.95 php
to KL Central                                                                     4.20 MYR              53.74 php
Monorail to guesthouse                                               2.40 MYR               30.71 php
Monorail to KL Central                                                 2.40 MYR               30.71 php
KL Central to LCCT                                                       12.50 MYR             159.94 php
to KL Central                                                                  12.50 MYR              159.94 php
to Batu Caves                                                                   4.00 MYR                 51.18 php
KL to Chulan                                                                     2.40 MYR                30.71 php
KL Central to airport                                                   12.50 MYR             159.94 php
FOOD Dinner MCDO                                                     18.50 MYR             236.72 php
Brunch KFC                                                                            15 MYR              191.93 php
Lunch MCDO                                                                        26 MYR               332.68 php
water                                                                                   3.20 MYR                 40.95 php
Brunch                                                                                    23 MYR              294.30 php
Dinner                                                                                     22 MYR               281.50 php
Bakers Cottage bread                                                   9.50 MYR                121.56 php
Nescafe                                                                                    7 MYR                  89.57 php

TOTAL EXPENSES: 20, 508.9 php = 10, 254.45 php per person = 229.224 US Dollar

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